World Cup Fever Pushes Record Numbers Of Americans To Online Gaming

July 8, 2010

The Gambling  Industry is notoriously averse to halting  their internet  operations regardless of any risks to themselves, and with the money involved there isn’t too many groups beyond governing regulators that seem to mind. But there at last seems to be a force stronger than any regulators  so far put in position; Nature . 

The hurricane season is just beginning and it seems like it will  create  more than its portion of storms this year. The first to come onto the scene is Tropical Storm Alex which is threatening the Caribbean and the Gulf Coast. The Caribbean is a forerunner in the online Gaming Industry and the affects  of the storm have already begun to produce  a ripple effect .

Belize and the Yucatan Peninsula are starting to feel  the affects  of the storm and are already  starting  to see severe weather conditions. 

Gambling online is a huge  geo-political sticking point in North and South American dealings in the past few years. US regulators seem to be pushing toward making gambling online illegal while havens such as Costa Rica and Panama have become destination locations for online gambling businesses  .

Such cash-strapped nations are not likely  to change their laws regarding online gambling, making enforcement in the US next  to impossible.

Though  online operations can suffer during tropical storms and hurricanes, casinos with “brick and mortar” locations are also vulnerable to extreme weather.

In preparation  for Hurricane Katrina, large numbers of casinos had to shut down locations  to protect their real estate . Many of those locations  stayed closed in the wake of the calamity as their local infrastructure needed massive clean-up operations.

Illegal gambling online is at an all-time high in the US. Knowledge that no US online gambler has ever been charged or convicted of a crime as well as the return of the hugely popular World Cup is pushing huge amounts of US consumers to online betting operations.

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