Win Every Time With Sure Bets!

July 4, 2011

A pal (associate, acquaintance, good friend, member of the family, con artist) whispers in your ear, “Hey, I just acquired a tip on some sure bets. Man, you can’t lose on this!” Have you ever experienced this at one time or another? What was your response? Did you get all excited, empty your checking account and plop your money down? Or, did your radar go up as a result of you may have been highly suspicious, skeptical and smelled a rat?


We have All Been Taught Sure Bets Are For Suckers!


Why wouldn’t you believe in sure bets? After all, you might have analyzed the event and the teams participating are going in reverse directions. One has won 10 in a row and playing at home, the opponent has lost 12 in a row and are a nasty road team. There is little question about it, the home group is going to kill ‘ em. You take all of your betting capital and maybe even borrow a bit (hey, this is not the lottery, it’s a sure bet) and put your money down. Then, you sit back and wait with a certain smugness that comes with certainty of outcome. While you’re waiting you figure out how you’re going to spend the winnings. You know, that dream trip, something for the partner or possibly spoil yourself with a well-deserved treat. Man, it is going to actually really feel good raking in all the money for a change.


The sport begins. Immediately you discover one factor isn’t right. The home team that was a lock is playing sluggish…man, they’re sleep-walking. Haven’t they seen the games begun? And the visiting team…who lit the fire under them? OMIGD, this cannot be happening! Come on guys, get with it. Do not let this slip away. Make it 11 wins in a row. This should be easy. Get your heads in the game.


In conclusion, they never do get their heads within the game and now you have lost it all. Not simply your personal cash, but the borrowed money as well.  All these dreams you had simply hours ago have changed into sheer panic! What are you going to do now? You haven’t any stake left to make up your losses. You can’t pay back what you borrowed. Could it get any worse? Oh yah, nothing like sure bets!


Really, There Are Sure Bets — Where You Always Win — Really!


In the event you’re intent on selecting winners then, there isn’t any such thing as sure bets. However there’s a system whereby you may win every time. Now, chances are you will not win so much on each wager, nevertheless, you will win. This type of betting is named arbitrage. It’s referred to by many names…arbitrage buying and selling, arbitrage betting, sure bets, sure betting and a few others. Usually, it’s generally known as arbing.


In this kind of betting, you do not select winners. You don’t even care who wins. Why? Because you cover all outcomes. Now, you don’t place all your bets with one bookmaker. You select an event then study the probabilities with numerous bookmakers. With one bookmaker you wager on a group to win. Then, with a second bookmaker, you bet on that exact same group not to win. We’re saying to not win as a result of in some events a tie is possible and in addition you need to be sure that end result is covered as well.


As I discussed above, you won’t win as a lot on every wager, nonetheless, you always win and never lose when you do it right. When you get the grasp of it, it’s child’s play.


Yes, there really are sure bets!

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