Why Choose Deposit Free Bingo Sites?

July 19, 2010

You really don’t have to search for long to find a bingo hall online that gives away free money or free bingo cards to newly registered players . Almost all of them advertise this as a means to find new online gamblers and acquaint them to their bingo site . Online Bingo is a multi-million dollar a year business that is fiercely competitive and each online bingo site even if it’s a new bingo hall or an older more stable bingo hall has to find a way to contend against each other. For bingo players online , the best way is through welcome offers . If an online bingo site is offering a new playertwenty dollars for free and another online bingo site is not offering anything for free to their new players , then which bingo site would you choose to try out if you were new to the online bingo playing craze? Due diligence is needed when searching for deposit free bingo sites online.

Now a seasoned online bingo player may answer with a statement like, “It doesn’t matter about the free money. What is important is the bingo sites reputation, player recommendation and gaming history”. Now this is completely true but for the new online player these questions may not come to mind which I know it didn’t when I first started playing online. Finding  those free chips were the most important part of my experience being a new gambler because it meant I didn’t have to deposit any of my own money or give any banking info which was highly important to me and I am sure it’s just as important to all new players.

So with that information you can see why “free bingo cash” is a big draw for new players and is probably the final decision on whether a person chooses this bingo site over another. Bingo halls understand this and that’s why most of them will deliver on a free chip and a nice sized first time deposit bonus. The reason why players take up a free cash offer from an online bingo site because it’s a way to learn the game of online bingo and see if they even like playing bingo on the Internet. It also gives them a chance to interact with the chat hosts, other players and the customer service representatives which are very important to a good online bingo hall. If you trust  the customer reps, and they are helpful and easily reached, that is a big plus. It also goes a long way towards your opinion of whether or not their site is player friendly and a place you would trust to deposit your money into.

My best advice to new bingo players is to search around and try out a lot of different bingo halls that are offering free cash or free bingo cards to see if you like their site. Once you find one or two that you are interested in and enjoyed your time playing there, then do a Google search for “reviews” of the site and read what other online gamblers and webmasters say about your chosen bingo hall. This is the best line of defense when joining an online gambling site prior to making your first real money deposit . Good Luck in your search for that bingo hall that speaks to you, there are hundreds out there and 90% of them are marvellous, fun and full of winning possibilities!

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