What talents are required for online bingo?

July 2, 2010

The stereotype of the bingo-playing elderly woman, knitting while listening to numbers announced, is very much alive and well. No doubt, the majority of those reading this can relate. This myth was debunked by in-depth research into participants of internet bingo games online. New findings are that online bingo doesn’t add to players’ mental capabilities. Instead of just being an idle pastime,online Bingo can sharpen your mind. It affects the brain in the same fashion as a confusing crossword puzzle.

If someone plays bingo on a regular basis it will probably make them have a better memory and stay ahead of people who are not online bingo players. Various tests have shown that online bingo players have excellent memory and much sharper in remembering details than an average person.

Moreover, individuals of every age that have engaged in internet bingo have greater probabilities for absorbing data. Young people could benefit as well, though the study is focused on elderly persons. The concept of time is fundamental to better thought processes in web-based bingo play. Chess and poker will test your mental abilities, but they don’t test your ability to think quickly.

You have to have quick reflexes and sharp thinking in Bingo. In order to excel, players need to be on top of their game. The test consisted of 112 people in two age groups,18-40 and 60-82. 50 percent of the individual groups were playing bingo. The results not only confirmed that in comparison to non-players, all bingo players were more accurate, but they were faster as well. One interesting point is, in certain trials, older players actually did better than their younger counterparts. More and more research proves that regular participation in activities that exercise the mind and help people engage with each other does wonders for the maintenance of optimum mental functioning.


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