What is rakeback in online poker?

November 30, 2010

Rakeback means that you get back a percentage of the rake you pay to online poker room. Do not ignore Rakeback! Most poker players leave big sums to online poker rooms every month with rake . They would have  gotten back averagely 30% with Rakeback. Rakeback can be even 50% of the rake or more, imagine that! Not joining with an online poker rakeback offer is a suicide if you play every day!

Online Poker Rooms earn from Rake

To understand Rakeback you first figure out how online  poker rooms make  money . Rake is the only way for a online poker room to make money . In online poker, players bet against each other, not the poker room  . Rake is like an entry fee that online poker room charges for arranging poker games. Poker players do not lose anything to the room  but the poker room makes money  from tournament fees and from Edit this textcash game  Rake. Online poker room Rake can be from 1 cent to 5 dollars.

Rakeback is partial Rake return

Rakeback helps to get a refund of online poker Rake. By registering your new online poker room accounts with the help of a affiliate  you save 30% average on every Rake payment, for example 33% with Doyles Room Rakeback. Arrangement between online poker room and affiliates allows them to pay you Rakeback. Thanks to “Rakeback Payment on Demand” system you can get  a cashout to many different  online poker rooms at any time. Only selected  rakeback affiliates provide this kind of a system so be sure to ask about it before joining.

Where to get best Rakeback?

Getting best Rakeback is easy . Your should search for a nice  Rakeback site who could  provide you for example with Rakeback On Demand and high percentages! You can always ask around and see if you can get a special offer  !

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