What is Dealt Rakeback?

October 6, 2011

The rake is the tax that every poker room shaves off from every pot.It’s the poker room’s fee for providing tables, dealers, cards, chips and a competitive gaming arena with poker tournaments and games like Texas Holdem.  Poker rooms need to take a fee from every pot, because they are not directly involved in the game. Poker players compete against each other, so the house’s profits have to be secured by taking a percentage of every pot. In Vegas card rooms, the rake can be as high as 10 percent. In online poker rooms, the rake won’t be higher than five percent, and this percentage fee will not exceed a few dollars. If you sign up for a rakeback deal,  you will get a nice amount back of the fee you pay to the poker room each month. Different poker rooms have different ways of calculating your net rake. One common calculation method is the dealt method.

Rakeback and MGR

 Rakeback is offered through affiliate sites. You must sign up a new poker room account through an affiliate site in order to receive rakeback from that same poker room. They offer the rakeback deals as percentages.The average rakeback deal is around 30-35 percent, for example 30% Poker Heaven Rakeback. What does this percent mean? Well, the amount of rake money that you generate each month is your monthly gross revenue or MGR.  In order to calculate your rakeback, MGR has to be multiplied with your rakeback percentage. Before you can do that, you have to understand how your MGR is calculated.

The Dealt Rakeback Method

Many poker rooms will use the dealt rakeback method to calculate you MGR. Remember, MGR is another term for your rake. If you want to know what your rake will be, you need to understand how your poker room credits players with rake. With the dealt method you will be credited rake for every hand you are dealt in. If nine players are at a table and the rake is $1.00, every player will be credited with generating $0.10 in rake. This $0.10 figure will then be added to each person’s MGR. The more rake you generate, the more rakeback you will receive.

 It is vital for you to understand how the room calculates your MGR. Once you can figure out your MGR, calculating your rakeback is actually quite simple. Just take your MGR and multiply it by your rakeback percentage to figure out what your monthly rakeback payments will be.

Where to start with Rakeback?

As mentioned above one great place to start off at is Poker Heaven but there are other options. Also a good place to start at is Noxwin Poker. This is due to their large network of players meaning there are also many beginner players. They have great tournaments which you can take part of and definitely no lack of great promotions. If you join through an affiliate they provide you with 30% Noxwin Rakeback.

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