Video Poker: Should You Try It?

December 22, 2010

Video Poker seems to be one of those games that folks are just a little dubious about until they give it a whirl, and the concept of it being worth it, of being able to gain an benefit is the biggest trigger of this dubiousness.

I was recently assured of a way of gaining the benefit in a progressive jackpot video poker game: Of course techniques vary from game to game, especially between wild and no-wild games. Nevertheless, on a machine that pays out 8-1 on a full home and 5-1 on a flush, there is, or so I’m assured, a means of gaining the benefit.

Initial, locate a progressive jackpot machine whose jackpot is greater that the maximum bet x 1750; the reason that this is crucial is simply because it’s only once the jackpot gets this high that the game is even with the home, consequently if the game isn’t even there is no way of gaining an advantage.  Now, theoretically, or at least this is what I’ve been told; with every 350 x max bet addition to the jackpot, the players benefit increases by 1%. As a result if you come across a progressive jackpot with a jackpot 2100 x the maximum bet, you’ve a 1% advantage; should you discover 1 with a jackpot 2,450 x the maximum bet you’ve a 2% benefit.

Unfortunately, acquiring to this stage of play requires a great deal of time and a lot of cash; a lot more of both than most people have. As a result short of building up the benefit as suggested above, it may be very best to merely be familiar with the frequency of video poker hands, and from that determine the likelihood of gaining an advantage. The following statistics were given to me a by a guy inside the business, who claims they’re the average frequency of video poker hands:

A royal flush, which is needless to say what we all want appears once ever 32, 680 hands; a straight flush each 10, 163 hands; four of a kind every 425 hands; a full house every 87 hands; a flush every 90 hands; a straight each 89 hands; 3 of a kind every 14 hands; two pair each and every 8 hands; and a pair every 5 hands. Now, in  terms of timing, based on these statistics the average video poker machine will therefore produce a royal flush ever 60 hours of constant rapid play; a straight will appear every 6 hours or so, as will a flush; whilst a 4 of a kind will pop up on  a more or less hourly basis.

Therefore the majority of the time the video poker player is playing at a disadvantage, nonetheless this will probably be somewhat compensated for by the a lot more normal smaller hands. Is it feasible to manipulate the outcomes, to produce an advantage? In all honesty possibly not, but is not it fun attempting?

Regards from Poker Odds Calculator

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