Using e-wallets to gamble online

December 19, 2011

You have a good assortment of alternative ways of financing a casino or bingo account and a few of the most famous are virtual debit cards or e-wallets. 


Ecocard has been opperating since 1999 and offers players the choice~alternative} of a virtual visa debit card or an physical plastic Ecocard MasterCard, plus the ability to pay merchantsbingo sites immediately from an e-wallet with the ‘direct to merchant’ option. Eco card works as a pre purchased debit card whether it is digital or the real life MasterCard. It is possible to fund your Ecocard card instantly using their E Fund Transfer (EFT) deposit feature.  Taking money immediately from the bank and the money are instantly there to use at any of the Ecocard casinos.


EntroPay is a pre-paid  virtual visa debit card to use when there is the VISA symbol. Due to the fact the debit card is a pre-paid card there are no credit score checks , one can not get into consumer debt using this debit card and it is far more secure in contrast to a normal Visa card as you are not disclosing your regular debit card information to online merchants. Other positive aspects to using EntroPay include an anonymous casino payment as your bank statement will show ‘Entropay’. Players can add additional money to your EntroPay card from any location across the globe 24/7 and then use the digital visa card instantly. You can also get cash and store it on the Entro pay card or withdraw it. Once you open up an account a Virtual Visa credit card is sent to you instantly using all the info you need to start purchasing including a 16 digit debit card number and a CVV number (the 3 digit number located on the underside of the card). There is additionally the alternative to complete your account and receive a plastic MasterCard to use on the high street .


Paysafe is perfect for individuals who want to gamble with no credit card. If you want to play and purchase online but don’t have a bank account PaySafe functions as a debit card that can be bought off the high street with notes, that can then be spent online. The Paysafecard is a pre-paid card which can be bought from thousands of stockists throughout Europe such as  service  l stations and post offices , which show a pay point sign, one can buy a £10, £25, £50 and £75 or €10, €25, €50, €100 and whatever amount can then be converted into whatever currency you require online, like USD for example . If you would want to buy bigger denominations you basically buy multiple cards as you can  combine as many as 10 Paysafe cards when making a  funding your   online casino  account or purchasing something  over the internet  . You use the paysafe debit card over the internet by using the 16 digit  pin number  written on reverse of the Paysafecard, its speedy and easy and you don’t divulge any personal details.


Ukash is another online payment system which converts notes into a PIN number  to use to purchase online, at countless numbers of websites . Using Ukash means you don’t share any financial info  at all, all your transactions are anonymous and there is no worry of getting into debt as Ukash is pay as you go so you can just use the  amount  you’ve bought. 

There is no charge for using Ukash (some merchants may add a fee but Ukash doesn’t), your Ukash PINwill expire in  a year and once you’ve  made a purchase   you’ll get a new Ukash pin, you need to look after of the Ukash PINS as these are like cash and can not be replaced. Ukash has also recently partnered WebMoney so cash reliant players can transfer money  with WebMoney. Click here to see Ukash Casinos


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