Unbelievable lottery scratch cards winnings

March 6, 2012

Winnings achieved playing the lottery or other cash games are rather preferred, but unusual ones happened to various gamblers from Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Money games are named vinn penger in those countries and they’re popular than ever. In particular web scratch card or lottery type of games are widespread and being played and played by a broad chunk of the population. Even despite of the fact that there are restrictions and the mention has the monopoly more than that arena, it doesn’t hold a Swedish gamer back to gamble his favourite skraplotter. The same applies to the population in Norway; they simply love their skrapelodd games.

Let’s begin with one of the youngest winners who couldn’t believe her massive €500,000 gain although playing her favorite vinn penger. Meet the 19 year old Hege from Bergen, Norway who handled her favourite skrapelodd – a scratch ticket called Silver Streak. This scratch ticket is relatively preferred and it costs right €2 a piece. Hege, the lucky young Norwegian lady, really had assistance from Fortuna when she selected her winnings card Online at EuroLotto.

Another lady of the North, this time from Sweden, won SEK 200,000 despite of the fact that gambling an exhilarating hybrid of slot and skraplotter. Last summer Berit handled the game named Namaste, which looks a bit like the preferred cardboard scratch ticket game Pyramid.

Vinn penger are so well-liked in Scandinavia that it is not always being reported in different news outlets whether a player received her or his €200,000 or more although playing scratch cards; because these earnings happen fairly often! If you really look in the web for the latest scratch card lottery first-ones you’d be astonished of what you will access.

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