U.K. Bingo Sites Anxiously Wait for U.S. Market To Open Up

January 25, 2011

The bingo phenomenon has no doubt swept the U.K., and now there’s talk that bingo may soon hit the American shores.

Within December, U.S. Congress attempted to pass a bill that would legalise and regulate online gambling in the country. Though the bill did not go through, political experts say that they were simply “testing the water,” and it may only be a matter of time that a better, more specific bill is completed that will make online gambling, and hence online bingo, legal. Proponents of the bill suggest its greatest failure was that it was pushed through the Senate at the end of the year’s legislative session.

While major U.K. and European gambling companies abide by U.S.’s no gambling law, smaller, harder-to-track companies in different parts of the world aren’t necessarily as eager to comply. It is estimated that $5 billion exits the U.S. every year in offshore gambling, a market that U.K.- and European-based gambling companies would love to venture into and the American government would also love to regulate.

The inverse reaction of the U.S. and the U.K.’s gambling relationship is that America’s current biggest gambling institution is prepared to try its hand at bingo in the U.K.

Harrah’s-owned Caesars Bingo is preparing to launch this year. Although the internet bingo market is already crowded, Caesars is confident it will do well because of it name — Caesars Casino is one of the largest operations in Las Vegas and Harrah’s has casinos all over the world.

In the meantime, major U.K.-based bingo sites aren’t very nervous. While tons of new bingo sites started up last year, reputable ones that have proven their stamina remain strong. Plus demand for bingo is still growing strong, as hundreds, possibly thousands, of new bingo players continue to sign up every day.

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