Types of Sports Betting

July 2, 2010

You would often  hear shouts of excitement and to see a flock  of people gathered around watching television .  You start out to wonder, wether it’s your favourite show  that you failed to diary and you are missing such a big event.  it would not be unusual if  many of these people are engaging or enjoying  in sports  of some kind  .  Big time  casinos, restaurants and hotels often have sports betting  displayed on big screens.  Sports betting is an activity of predetermining what the result of a game event and to confirm such prediction is to bet on it.
In the United States, sports gambling is legal in many establishments in Las Vegas , while in some European countries it is highly regulated and very common .  Those who engage in sports betting are those believed to have the hobby for sports and their pursuit in the game grows as they watch their favorite leagues, teams and players play and win for them.

There are different types  of sports betting:

1. Arbitrage.  It is to create a combination of bets, wherein if one bet loses the other wins. 
2. Bet to Win. It is wherein a player makes a future bet, most likely before the start of the event.  The player places his bet to the wager.
3. Futures. Player places bet in advance of the sports event.
4. Group Match up.  It is trying to match how one group will compete and finish the game compared to the other competitors in the group.
5. Hedge. Better tries to bet on the opposite of the original bet made.  This is to offset the possible loss on the original bet.
6. If Bet. It is similar to parlay, because better places a link together to two or more individual bets.  The better instructs the sports book that should the first bet wins, the second bet should be situated on the other proposition.  Thus if the first bet loses, second bet will not push through.
7. Parlay. It is a single bet that joins together two or more individual wagers.  The bet is dependant on all of those wagers winning together. There is much better odds in parlay than placing individual bet separately.  Parlay cards are common in sports books and common to bettors.  They are issued out early in the week with the odds set which do not change in return for lower payoff.
8. Round Robin.  A series of parlays are called Round Robin.  Round Robin is   one three-team parlay and three two-team parlays.
9. Teaser.  A single bet  that links together two or more individual  bets is called a teaser.  But is different in that the point spread is  modified to your  benefit on each individual wager. In exchange for the points, you get less of a return on your bet compared to a parlay. i.e , a 6-point teaser would move the line on a 7-point favorite from -7 to -1, meaning the team would have to cover 6 less points. Each of the individual wagers have to win or the bet is a loss.

Sports betting is massive in the United Kingdom  with companies like  Ladbrokes and Betfair  taking billions of pounds worth of wagers annualy  and offering Big rewards to newcomers to the sport in the form of deposit bonuses or on special occasions such as football game finals or big horseraces  will offer exclusive no deposit bonus deals.

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