Types of online scratchcards

March 27, 2011

Most online gamblers wonder if all scratch card games are basically not the same and what about the quantity, various themes, etc. I’ve got news for you, there are plenty of them and want to present 2 various lotto scratch cards in this article.

What happens if you try to combine scratch cards with fruit machines Las Vegas style? You’ll get the scratch card game Classic slot machines. The top price for scratching this baby is $100,000. The design reminds me a bit about carnival, which coincidentally started this weekend. All icons you’d expect from a fruit machine are present at this scratch card – bat, sevens and of course tasty fruits.

Playing the game is a piece of cake (fruit cake in this case…). The betting or acquire options are 50c, $1, $2, $5 and $10. To win the jackpot you have to place the maximum bet. That’s the case with the on the internet casino slots also.  You have to decide to scratch the panels off with a on-line coin yourself or chose auto play; up to 99 game rounds. Click the ‘Scratch’ button and start your scratch to cash journey. If you’re impatient, then just select ‘Scratch All’. This having said that spoils all the fun and thrill. If you got three identical symbols  in a row you win.

Let’s continue with food. The next scratch card game is named Happy Bakery. This is a real penny slot and rather an exciting one. The minimum wage is 10c up to a maximum of $50 (I recognized, this will be known as being a high-roller scratch card). The prices you have to win gambling this lotto scratch card can be 1,000x of the bet you placed. The card has nine boxes and if you have to align three matching symbols in one horizontal, diagonal, vertical lines, and then you win.

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