The Deadly Sins Of Poker

September 14, 2010

Some  things that you just must avoid if you wish to become a poker player. Some of them are    similar to those Bible says you need to stay away from :

Greed- A covetous player always tries to win big and to win it now. The sad fact is that you cannot win them all . Even the best players do not play  in every hand. If you have a big pot in front of you and very small chance of winning it, it makes no sense to commit too much. Even the top poker players  grow their bankroll gradually, winning some 6-7 big blinds per 100 hands. And most of your opponents have their reasons they are in this hand, so don’t assume they are just curious. This does not mean you should not win big, that is the name of the game. Just take it slow, and think it through.

Stubbornness- It is very  similar to greed, but this error usually occurs when a player has a good hand but not the best. You always need to recall what the best poker starting hands are. He gets almost emotionally attached to his, for example, two aces that he does not notice that the river brings flush, but not in the suite he has. Just do not be a donkey to pull your weight if you do not have to. Just by playing halfheartedly.  Everyone will witness a bully during their game. That is the sort  of player who will try to get you out of the hand with his big raises. You need to have confidence and to recognize a bully when you see him and to take a stand and punish him. This will be good for your table image too.

Envy- When you look at players on TV and see them play in a very high stakes game, you wish to be in their place. But your bankroll is extremely small  . So you start playing above your limit and destroy your chances to succeed. Don’t get so envious. First learn how to play poker.

Ego- If your opponent runs you over a number  times, you get angry and try to win back your money by pushing much harder than you should  . You reprise every raise he makes; you haunt him throughout every turn and river . And what do you achieve? Nothing, except losing even worse . This is nothing more than online gambling, not playing poker. Don’t hate your wrongdoer, love him . That way you get to stay cold headed and keep your decisions rational. And in this case, as in life, if you play with your head and not with your heart , you will definitely win more often  .

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