Learn the Rules for Blackjack

Blackjack is a popular game for anyone to play at a casino. It is a card game that involves strategy and skill. If you are interested in playing this game at a casino you should know how the game works.

The game will work in that you are going to work with series of cards that can add up to a certain value. The main goal is to get your cards to total 21 in value or at least something that is close to but not above it. You must also make sure that your hand can be higher than that of the hands of the dealer at a game.

To get into the game you will first have to place your bet. After this is done you are going to be dealt a pair of cards. You will be able to get your cards dealt to you face down in most cases. You will only be allowed to use one hand to handle those cards. If you are playing a shoe game you will have your cards face up at all times.

You will get two cards that will work to determine what you have at the start of a game. Each number card will be worth its value and each face card will be worth ten points. An ace can be worth either one or eleven points. For instance, if you have a king and a 6 you will have a 16. If you have a 9 and an ace you will have either a 10 or 20.

You will be faced with a number of options after you get your cards. You can ask for a hit. This is where you will get a new card for your hand. You can also ask to stand. This is where you will stop and go with the cards that you have.

A split can be used at the beginning of a hand. This is where you will make two separate bets with the two cards that you had in the start. You can also double down and add money to your bet if you feel confident about it. You will only get one extra card in a double down though.

If you do not like your cards at the start of the game you can always surrender. This is where you will fold and end up getting refunded for about half of your bet. This is something that can work if you feel that you are going to have a losing hand.

If you have a hand that is at a higher level than the dealer’s hand or the dealer busts you will win. Also, if you can get a 21 on your first two cards you will get a blackjack. You will automatically win in this case. If you bust, which is where you will have a total of 22 or higher, you will lose.

There are some important house rules to see in a game. For instance, a dealer may have to stand on all 17 or greater hands. In other cases a dealer might work with a “dealer hits soft 17” rule. This is where a dealer will have to hit on a 17 hand but not on anything higher than that.