R4 Card And Ds Downloads

July 3, 2010

The Nintendo DS is a portable gaming console which is very popular around the world. DS is an acronym for “Dual Screen” because of the dual backlit display screens which are a major attraction of this console. They can be used to play videogames which are specially designed for this console. These games are loved by video game enthusiasts all over the world. This gaming console comes with preloaded games. They have also introduced the R4 DS cards which enables users to download games to their console. Ds Downloads can be found all over the internet and there are also websites specializing in offering DS downloads.  

Without a doubt the introduction of the R4 card has revolutionized the gaming world. Earlier, the videogame lovers were restricted to playing only those games that came preloaded with the console. But, with these flash cards, they can download and play whichever game they want. When new games are released, all they need to do is erase the existing game and download the new one and you are good to go. The Nintendo DS comes with a touch screen so that the users can access the features rather than having to use the keypad for various operations.

Another interesting thing that every video game enthusiast should know is the fact that there are two kind of DS games: the commercial games and homebrew DS games. Nintendo’s technical team is associated with the development and design of the commercial version. They require a Nintendo gaming console to be played. These commercial games are usually pretty expensive. This is quite understandable considering the amount of effort and talent put behind these designs.

The other sort of Nintendo games are the so called homebrew games. As the name suggests, these games are not desgined by Nintendo employees, but either by private hobby programmers or other companies. A major advantage associated with such games is that they are highly customizable. Most of the homebrew Nintendo DS games are free and can be downloaded off the internet. Programmers intend to develop such games to expose their talent as well as to demonstrate their love for the game.
You can find DS downloads at Nintendo DS’s official website. However, the number of other websites offering Ds downloads is growing every day. The problem with free ds downloads sites is tha a lot od them spread malicious code and adware. So it is better to stay away. In case you ruin your DS, because you downloadded from a free ds downloads site, your warranty is voided. This is why you should be really careful when downloading Ds games off the internet.

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