Pot Limit Holdem

June 26, 2010

When starting with online poker then 95% of the beginners are not aware of rakeback. It is something to maximize your profits. This will be explained later on. Texas Hold’em has three variations, no-limit, pot-limit and limit. Pot-limit Hold’em is one of the most difficult forms of poker, simply because it is big-bet poker. Bets at the start are microscopical compared to their size on the river. Lets make an example where you have AK and the flop is Ac-2d-Th, you bet pot and someone calls, turn is a 3h, you bet and someone calls again. The river is a Qh, you check and he bets the pot. In limit poker it would be very easy to call because there is the possibility of you having a better hand. In Pot Limit you can not call just to see what he had and you will be beat from time to time.

Beginners usually sit into tables with short stacks and that is questionable . Should you take a full stack or a short stack? What are the benefits? It depends.

If you have a short stack you need to be a patient person . Are you able to wait until you get a premium hand like KK while losing two or three rounds of blinds? Or do you want to get it all-in as soon as you have the opportunity for it ? If you are patient try playing with a short stack and waiting for a very good hand.  Buy-in for the maximum if you are not, this way you can play more loose  .

If you bought in for $200 and have $40 left you should wait for a good hand before moving all in. If you can multiply your stack then you are back in the game. If you had $20 left then it would be wise to rebuy as it is difficult to win three or four hands in a row.

If the table is loose it might be best to rebuy and get a full stack . Big pots present themself more often at a loose table and you have a better chance of winning a bigger pot. If the table is tight then a short stack is a good option also . You might be able to steal a few pots on the flop and rebuild bit by bit until you get a good chance to double up.

If you lose a big pot due to a bad beat and you have like 20 big blinds left in your stack it would be better to stick with that until you cool off  . It will give you some time to relax and to forget the bad beat. Rebuying right after a bad beat may cost you a lot of money very quickly.

At the start rakeback was mentioned  . This is something beginners leave out very oftenly and it is a mistake. Rakeback lets the player get back a big percentage of the poker room fees  . These fees are taken when you play at cash games or enter a tournament. The sums are small but if you play more then once then the fees only grow and it would be good to get a „tax refund“. Beginners should look for Noxwin Rakeback or even Opoker Rakeback. These poker rooms provide lots and lots of beginning players making it easy to get a nice profit and maximize that profit further you should register through an affiliate who offers rakeback.

Texas Hold’em has many aspects that should be learned . Even if you start by playing the game then you should also read about strategy during that time. Best would be to start off by going through a lot of theory about the game and then using it on the table.

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