Poker vocabulary

July 16, 2010

Whether online, in a casino, in a garage  or in a basement with your friends or family  or both, poker is enjoyed  by millions of people around the world. Poker has dozens of variations on play, scores of films about the thrill of the game, and even its own televised world championship. Even more poker championships appear on TV these days . Poker is all over, and has been one of the most popular card games ever played by humans hands since its introduction and widespread play on Mississippi riverboats. Spread west by old prospectors looking for gold, poker has gained such popularity  in America and the rest of the world, not because of the money, but because of its competitive nature and social atmosphere: playing other participants rather than playing the dealer. Poker is played by men and women, young and old, rich and poor, and for all of you who haven’t tasted this world wide recipe for fun, fame and fortune. Visit our poker basics section to learn more about how to play this game.
This text here  is a template to poker terms.

Poker Terms

All in – When you bet all your money on your hand, in another way, you say “all in” when you put all your chips in the pot ;
Ante – This is the initial bet, usually thrown and twisted in before cards are seen;
Blind – Is a forced bet made by one or two people to the left of the dealer to induce more players to bet. This “blind” is especially seen in games without antes such as Texas Hold’em;
Bluff – You do this by pretending you have a better hand than you have in order to get the other players to fold;
Burn – It stands for discarding the top card of the desk before passing out new cards, done to prevent cheating;
Call – Matching a bet;
Check – only possible when you don’t have to call and It means that you bet null ;
Deal – Distributing the  cards from the deck to the players, and it is done by the dealer ;
Discard – It is when you take a card from your hand in order to receive a new one, this is possible only in draw poker – I will talk  about this afterwards in another article;
Fold – Means to pull out of the round before betting (sometimes because of a bad hand or due to the intensive betting) and putting your hand down;
Post – Paying the blind;
Pot – Where all the money’s at(all the chips that are put in the game by you and the other players);
Raise – Means to bet more money than the players before you, in a round ;
Rake – What the casino, house or online poker room  (where you have registered to play from) takes from each pot as a fee ;
Shark – A good poker player, usually the one that takes other players money ;
Tell – Stands for signs another player may show when he has a good or bad hand;
Wild Card – Is a card that takes on the value you designate it, usually a Joker .

To better understand the poker hand hierarchy, please visit the texas holdem rules article!

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