Poker Strategy – Tackling Small Pots

July 14, 2011

This Poker Rakeback Strategy will teach you how to increase your chip stack with minimal risk. The more you put into the pot, the bigger the risk. If you don’t have the nuts, meaning return is not guaranteed, it’s not worth it. By tackling small poker pots and avoiding the big ones, you are assuring yourself a profit in the end, topped off by Rakeback earnings.

Based on statistics this rakeback strategy will get you about the same profits like a tight players strategy. With a tight strategy you wait and fold but you lose some blinds. You wait to get the big prize when you have the nuts to pull in the large pots. Instead, you want to attack small pots with aggression. A great place where to test your aggression is party poker rakeback. Most players in that room are quite tight.

When the pot is minimal, it relays two messages. The first is that no player has a very strong hand. If they’re not willing to make more than a limp-in wager, they aren’t very confident in their holdings. The second message is that no one is going to be willing to risk a sizable amount of chips to claim that pot. If you place an aggressive wager, odds say the pot will be yours instantly.

Thus far, this may sound like a blind-stealing strategy. It’s not. In fact, when stealing blinds, the idea is to take down the pot before the flop ever occurs. That’s the opposite of what you want. If there is no flop, there will be no rake, thus no Rakeback. This wouldn’t be much of a Rakeback strategy without earning Rakeback, eh?

You actually want others to stay in the pot, and you want to call their minimal wagers. Don’t raise. A simple call will result in a flop. Once the flop comes down, then you can become aggressive. If your opponent is in early position, see what kind of scare cards may have fallen and how he reacts to them (how he bets). If the bet stays minimal, place a large raise to swipe the pot. If he suddenly shows confidence, placing a large bet, consider how good your cards are. It may be time to submit.

If you fold now, you’ve only suffered a small loss. If you are able to bet over the top, you will scoop a small profit. More often than not, the profit scoop will be the result. This means you’re bringing in more chips than you’re losing, plus adding Rakeback deal profits on top of it.

We’d like to reiterate that staying in on a big pot is rarely a good idea without the nuts. If you know you’re going to win, take it for all you can. But if there’s any chance you’re going to lose a large percentage of your stack, or all of it for that matter, take the high road. A small profit is better than a massive loss.

Keep in mind that, even if you break even at the table, you’re still padding your bankroll with best Rakeback. If you can follow this Rakeback strategy with strict measure, your poker bankroll should continue to rise without fault.

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