Poker – How to start?

November 20, 2010

Many brave  people have started companies and found other ways to make money .  Here is a different way    – Online Poker. Lets look at it as a business. In business, you make hard decisions  , invest  and eventually earn profit thanks to correct decisions  . You could wait for ages for a profit, maybe years  . In online poker you see the result within minutes . You „invest“ into a bank to see profit in the end. I will not discuss what to do and what do decide  as every situation is different and has many outcomes  . I will talk about how to manage your bankroll.

First step is to set aside an amount which won’t hurt you if it’s lost . For this example we will use $400.

Second step is to  think about the limits to choose  . Online poker rooms offer multiple limits, starting from 0.02/0.04 blinds and going up to 1000/2000 dollar blinds! One important matter about when you start is Rakeback. Make sure you register through an affiliate that offers you the best Rakeback. I would suggest starting from littler online poker tournaments, $5 buy-in or so. It is the perfect way to start building your poker bankroll because the buy-in is small. I suggest that you do not spend over 10% of your bankroll on one online poker tournament.  You will by all odds have some failed online poker tournaments and this way you have not spent a noticeable sum of your bankroll.

Third step is not to  over rate your skills and not rush to the next level. Mostly in online poker, tournament buy-ins actually have an effect on the amount of skilled players  . The more expensive, the more skilled players are . Apparently there are exceptions but mostly it is true . I have seen players who have won cheap and big field poker tournaments and then they play a  tournament which is ten times pricier! Mostly they come back with some bad surprises and are amazed because of not winning  . Start from the easier low limits, i think it’s perfect to start out with Opoker Rakeback and when you feel you’re doing good on that limit then move higher step-by-step.

What are the most important points then  ? Choose the right  bankroll, do not rush to the bigger games right away, make a plan on your current limit  . This requires patience but as time goes by you see that it will bring profit  .


Meet you at the poker room  !

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