Poker For Beginners

July 20, 2010

novices acquire a lot from picking  the right poker room. To benefit from poker bonuses the player has to register at different  poker rooms. Easy competition , easy bonuses, amount of players and low limits are the key points for novice poker players  .


At first , a beginner  should find the online poker rooms which offer good bonuses and other promotions because they can carry value if there is easy money on the table  . Secondly, a inexperienced poker player  has to look for easy opponents , because this this is good for  the player in the long run. In Online Poker Rooms where players are mostly tight/aggressive, beginners lose most likely . Rooms that have easier games  are usually the ones which  also provide casino and sportsbook. They attract  a larger amount of novice players  and gamblers which makes staying in profit  easier.


Online Poker Room software differs by speed, sound , artistry and by other points  . In conclusion we can say that some poker rooms have better playability which allows players to multi-table without problems . Some rooms provide  the opportunity  to play on up to 24 tables but some only 4. For example   Tower Gaming  where it is possible  multi-table without problems . Multi-tabling needs quite a bit  of focus and it’s not smart  for inexperienced players  to play over 4 tables at once . As you move on and get more experience then you should look to increase the amount of tables.


Amount of low limit poker games and tournaments could be very important  because a lot of people are looking for  more beginners and softer games. Bigger poker game selection means that beginners  try new poker games and i know that everyone would want to be the best at their tables.  Most people start from Texas Hold’em No-Limit 0.05/0.10 because you only need about  $200 bankroll. Ofcourse, some start from a lower limit, like 0.02/0.04 blinds. If you have absolutely no idea what online poker is about, then  you should start from the lowest limits to learn the basics or just read  about online poker strategy.


It is very hard to make assumptions about which room is best to start with . Firstly, look at the  bonuses and try to see how others play  . Ofcourse you should make  sure that there are decent tables available in your limit, for example 0.05/0.10. Secondly, you must  get rakeback as receiving  back30-40% of your rake to the online poker room is very important for a novice player  . It will increase your profit very largely even if you don’t play much .

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