Poker Books: The Wide Array of Choices

November 6, 2010

You can have many teachers when learning poker, but a reliable way to improve your game, which otherwise could take years to learn at the tables, is to read poker books. There has been a barrage of such books in recent years, as poker has surged in popularity. They are usually written by expert players and theoreticians, and all these books come up in long lists when you search the web for them. The books are tailored for all sorts of needs, from beginner to more advanced players.

There are so many websites that offer books on poker, yet it would be impossible to list them all. But as an example of what’s out there, you might peek at, which specializes only in books that teach strategies for Texas Holdem. And is perhaps a more extensive information site, but does regular, in-depth book reviews. These aren’t limited just to books that teach Holdem strategy, as the site covers what it considers to be the best available books for all games, at all levels.

The authors are as numerous as the websites that carry or review poker books. But one name that comes up quite often in any of these reviews is David Sklansky. For example, his book, “The Theory of Poker” is described by the reviewer as “one of, if not the best book on poker ever written.” It doesn’t give a quick overview of poker rules, but instead covers theories and concepts, so a player can hone his or her skills and understanding. This same site also highly recommends “Winning Low Limit Hold’em” by Lee Jones, as an introduction to Texas Holdem strategies for a player just starting out.

All it takes is a web search, and you’ll find poker books and be able to look for the ones best suited for you. Check out both customer and professional reviews, to discern which ones address your skill level, and which ones do not. No matter what your skills or experience, someone has written a book. Once you’ve decided on the book you want, look for it in a poker supply store or website, or in a bookstore, and your skills and enjoyment of the game are bound to improve.

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