Playing poker online

July 17, 2010

You can play online poker for real money or play money. When you play for real money you bet with real cash and the real money stakes range from tiny to large. Internet poker rooms make their profit by collecting “rake” from real money pots. When you play for play money you bet with play chips and this chips can’t be turned in real cash and are just for new players to see how the game works. If you loose them all you can simply ask for more .

Before you can play for real money games, you have to deposit money with the site . You can play  at more than one site if you want, but you might start off at one of the better sites (Betmost poker is from iPoker network and is one of the safest place to play poker . It has a huge database of players and lots of poker tournaments). For the safety of your money it is recommended to join an online poker community before you go out and play with real money. This way you can learn more about online poker and talk on the forums with other poker players.

You must find the most profitable games for you after you mde the deposit  (one of the most important skill of a winning poker player is the ability to find those games). There are two types of games: Ring games and tournaments. In ring games you bet with dollars  and you can leave when you want with your earnings. Tournaments are divided  into single-table or multi-table or “sit-and-go” events. In other words distinction between a ring game and a tournament is the ability to stand up and cash out at any time. In the lobby, the ring games are grouped separately from the tournaments. If you see a section named “Holdem” or “Omaha”, these are ring games. The tournaments are clear marked as tournaments.

It is recommended to play with play with play money before playing with real money to understand how the game works before putting your real cash in the pot.

Check the online poker community to understand more about how to play poker on the internet!

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