Planning your Campaign: Scratch Card Ideas

August 24, 2011

Online scratch cards are irresistible to a substantial community of online gamblers and people from all walks of life and social backgrounds. People are paying money to play those exhilarating and entertaining games in order to win merchandise or money prices. This gives a web site that deals or offers scratch cards naturally an income, but it’s also a great marketing notion for any sort of industry. Let’s have a look at some ideas about how this could work for any type of business.

The most important thing you should keep in mind is to step into the shoes of your customers. What will draw you and which promotion will attraction to you? We all comprehend there is no such thing as a free lunch, but if you plan and execute a promotional provide – it must be a win-win situation for all (you and your customers) that are involved.

First, decide the intention of your campaign of how and why you want to draw customers with the help of online scratch cards. It might be a very good idea to team up with an existing scratch card web site and provide a form of a promotional code; e.g. when customer sign up for a trial of your service or product they’ll get a virtual voucher to acquire scratch cards worth £5 etc.

Another substitute is to promote via quick games web sites where gamblers might participate at competitions or tournaments for no deposit. The price for the tourney winner could be, you already guessed it, a trial of your product or service. The online sites give all kinds of games, from mahjong games to skill and adventure games. Promotions don’t have to be expensive for you – innovation and imagination does the trick.

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