Online Rummy Terms

June 21, 2010

Players learning how to play  the game of online rummy or online kalooki may find a glossary of terms to be of value.  This can help you to  learn the game and it is obviously attentive to gain an insight to the rummy game before playing for real money .

Deadwood: This  word refers to unrelated cards that are left at the end of a hand.

Discard: This  word is when a player throws down a  card in order to take another  one.

Draw:  This  word refers to  getting a new card

Freerolls: These are matches for which no entry is charged  and usually offer prizes .

Gin: This is one of the most popular types of rummy.  The  word ‘to gin’ refers to putting all your cards down in  a single go  .

Kalooki: This is an exciting form of rummy, very popular in the United Kingdom  that involves jokers as wild cards.

Knock: This term relates to placing down all cards thereby finishing a hand.  This hand includes melds and deadwood, or unrelated cards that have a value of 10 or less.

Meld: This expression refers to a selection of cards  that may be placed down that is a run or a set of cards.

Oklahoma: This is the name of a prevalent type of gin rummy  game.

Run: This is a group of cards that are of the same suit and in running order.

There are now a fistful of good places to play Kalooki or Rummy Online, including 32Red Rummy, part of the multi-award winning 32Red Casino, and Rummy Royal, the first and largest online rummy community. Both  companies offer excellent resources for new players including in-depth players guides and a community of other players to help you figure out how to play.

Both of these sites also offer a free play mode where you can play online kalooki for free which is of course a great way to practice before risking your own cash!

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