Online Roulette Gambling Review

September 17, 2010

This is a scam through and through. The website tells you exactly what you want to hear and never lets the truth get in the way. Chris Kaas the owner says that he has a perfect life living in Ibiza with his two children and that this is possible because he earns five figures a month.

He claims that his roulette system has allowed him to live the easy life they he had always dreamed of. Another claim he’s making is that 9-5 working is no longer on the agenda for him; he just plays tennis all day.

He tells you that the online casino owners are in a sweat because of the roulette system he’s revealing to you because anyone can make easy money with it. Unfortunately the whole thing is a pure fantasy. The system is simply betting on a colour and if you lose just keep doubling your bets until you get a win, it’s called the Martingale.

This is guaranteed to crash and burn and Chris Kaas is well aware of this. You may be wondering why he’s done this? It’s because he makes money when you sign up to the casinos where he guarantees the system will work. He gets a commission when people inevitably lose with the system. This is what makes it a scam, he knows full well that the system won’t work but he’s telling people that it will and tricking them into playing.

The only way Chris Kaas is making money with this system is by tricking people into using it, not by winning with it. I should point out that there’s nothing wrong with promoting online casinos providing you do it in an honest manner. Lots of people have honest and useful poker, casino, roulette and blackjack portals.

But telling people they will win with a system at a certain casino when you know full well that they won’t is a scam. My advice is to avoid his site and any other website that makes similar claims. While online roulette is a fun game, it should be seen as entertainment rather than a get rich quick scheme. If you see online roulette as a chance of getting rich rather than entertainment you will probably end up disappointed.

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