Online Poker – Tournaments or Cash?

July 19, 2010

Online Poker Tournaments vs Cash Game

If you play online poker then you must take into account different aspects  . Which to choose  ? Which game to play ? Do i want to play this  ? There are number of games to choose from. Lets not get into detail and lets just talk a bit about cash games and poker tournaments  .

Why Poker Tournaments?

Online Poker tournaments usually have big prizes  which ofcourse rely  on the buy-in. When searching  for tournaments with a $5 buy-in then $50,000 prize pool is not bad at all  . It is possible to win approximately  $7,000 there. 5$ buy-in and $7,000…Sounds like a nice deal ! But the issue is that you might play 1,000 tournaments and never finish first  . But at the same , you could play 5 and win 2 of them. Online Poker Tournaments are by all odds a good option because you could  be looking at a big paiday  , you could even retire after winning a certain tournament! Ofcourse, online poker does not always have tournaments with that big volume  . Pick  online poker tournaments if you want to stake a definite amount and would like to control how much you spend on a given day . It is said that you need to have at least 100x the buy-in in your bankroll to be able to play securely  . Meaning for a $5 tournament you should have  a $500 bankroll. But that is just a basic guideline.

Why Cash Games?

Cash games are very good if you know how to play , know how to read your opponents and how to maximize your profits. Most important aspect of cash games is knowing how to choose a table . If you are an agressive player then definitely go for the tighter tables because it is simpler to steal then  . If you prefer a tight style  then look for the looser players, they will definitely pay you if you have the nuts ! If you play 20 tables at once then staying focused is VERY IMPORTANT. I would never suggest this to a novice because you just don’t have enough time to make your decisions and eventually youstart making mistakes. Online Poker Cash Games usually have about 20 second window for decisions , some feature a time bank for extra time. If you are experienced  then cash games are for you  as it is the quickest way to maximize your bankroll.  With cash games, another important aspect arises,
 Poker Rakeback which makes your profits bigger . Think about rakeback as tax refund, you pay rake to a poker room and they refund you a part  – Rakeback.  If you play 10,000 hands per month then rakeback can help you a lot when thinking about bigger profits. Noxwin Rakeback for example, you get a minimum of 30% rake back, if you rake $3,000, you get $1,000 back! Even governmentsdon’t have such great tax refund! Cash games usually require a tight game style if you play every day, this will most likely maximize your winnings . Do not misunderstand me , It’s not possible to win every hand, but in the long run you will be in profit . By long run i mean a week, or a month, or a year. Online Poker Cash Game is my suggestion for all who have some experience .

Perfect your game, learn the angles, study psychology if necessary and beat them all ! 

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