Online Poker Strategy

December 22, 2010

Doyle Brunson favours raising all-in against someone if he has a good draw, even though he knows he will be behind when he gets called. The reason for such behaviour is to put pressure to your opponent so he would fold, this leaves you the winner of an average pot. If you get called, you still have outs!

This is a quitecomplicated move, but it will work against experiencedpoker players as they have the ability and the nerve to throw away decent hands  . Attempting this against weaker players might be bad because they will call you too oftenly so you can’t have profitability with this move. I saw one poker player at Noxwin online poker room who called all-in bets on the flop with AK without anything on the flop matching his cards  . He caught an ace on the turn in one hand and in other hands he won without improving! Only because the opposition tried to force him out of the pot with a draw or something like it.

For example, there is no point to “advertise” when playing weak players  because they “just don’t get it“! If you haven’t played a hand for a longer period and you push all-in pre-flop with AA and they have like JJ then they will never fold because they probably have not noticed that you have just sat for an hour  . There is no point to throw money around trying to build a loose image with weak players at the table, it works against good players.

Just wait for the bigger hands and put your money in if you are sure that you’re the favourite . Weak players will most likely make a mistake and call your all-in when they are far behind.

Lets say you have joined a poker room with Rakeback, like Noxwin Rakeback, and you are playing at $3/$6 no limit holdem. Weak player raises to $20 pre-flop , you have pocket kings and re-raise to $60. Everyone folds besides the weak player . You think you should have the weaker player beat as they would most definitely move all-in pre-flop with KK or AA. Here you already have earned decently with Rakeback.

Flop comes 2-6-6 and he checks. You should probably move all-in right there or at least make a very big bet. If they have something like AK they will call a average bet on the flop even if they should not. Go all-in and make yourself clear to them . Even weak players are intelligent  enough to fold AK if the flop is 2-6-6 and they have to put in their whole stack . If they call then you will be a big favourite (you survive the turn and river 76% of hands). Do not ever bet little with your overpair – even with pocket aces. It’s best to move all-in and if they are so keen on calling you, they will anyway. Whether you bet $110 or $200 on the flop.

Make sure you get Rakeback when you join with an online poker room as it will help you ease the pain of losing to weaker players who „suck out“ on the turn or the river. That way you can easily say: „Hey, at least i’m getting Rakeback and my loss isn’t that big“.

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