Online Poker Clock at Home

July 4, 2011

 Tens of years ago, a home poker game was about cash, fat wallets and serious business. For years, very few poker players had even heard or tried of the concept of tournament poker.  Now poker is much more different. Nowadays everyone even plays multiple different versions of poker.

Amateur poker tournaments are run all over the country at all times,  for fun and for serious money. A tournament clock comes very handy to keep track of how things are proceeding.

Why Play a Home Poker Tournament?

In a live poker game, it’s hard to control how much someone wins or loses. You can have a low stakes game, but if a player wants to keep pulling money out of his wallet,it’s hard to say no. When you have a poker tournament, everyone is in for a fixed amount, an amount everyone can agree is reasonable. Although there are also unlimited re-buy tournaments for a certain period of time but eventually the re-buys stop. Furthermore, playing tournament style poker makes poker feel more like a “game,” rather than just an attempt to get everyone else’s money.Finally, it’s fun to play the kind of poker that you see on TV with your friends. Whether it be in your living room or in a poker room.

Why Use a Clock?

In a poker tournament, blinds rise periodically.They have to, or else  people would just fold until they hit a big hand and the tournament could go on for weeks if not even months. There needs to be a way to determine when the blinds get raised, this is most commonly decided based on how long the tournament will go on for and how much the buy-in is. This is also where the poker clock comes in.

Why Use an Online Tournament Clock?

An online tournament clock can be found at various online poker sites. These clocks look just like the clocks used in real tournaments all over the country,only instead of being posted on big television screens in a card room, the clock is posted on your computer. Why use the online tournament clock instead of say, a stopwatch? For one thing, it looks cool. For another, it’s free. And finally, it is the perfect touch to give your home game that professional tournament feel.

 When you decide to play a tournament at home, bring your laptop and see how an online poker tournament clock improves the game.  There is no downside, and you just might find that your poker tournaments are more fun than ever before. You can easily find a free poker clock online. Just surf the web for a bit and you will end up with a good quality tournament clock.

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