Omaha Poker Strategy

November 19, 2010

Omaha hands are played out in a similar fashion as those in Texas Holdem . Although you get four pocket cards instead of two  , followed by a betting round. A three card flop follows, with another betting round. Then a turn card, with another betting round. Finally the fifth street, river card, and a final round of betting.

At the showdown, five card hands are created by using exactly two cards from a player’s hand, and exactly three cards from the board cards. All four of a player’s cards must be shown to qualify for winning a pot. If you only show two cards and discard the other two, your hand is dead and you forfeit claim to the pot.

Omaha games are often played High/low split, with and eight-or-better qualifier for low. Players may use two different cards from their hand to make a low , and the same when making a high . Three different board cards to make a high hand and three different ones to make a low hand. You can use the same combinations to make both type of hands 

All the rules of Omaha High apply to Omaha HiLo split except the eight-or-better for low applies (unless a cardroom has non-standard rules about what wins for low, like a nine-or-better for low rule). If no qualifying low hand exists, the winning high hand takes the whole pot. In some casinos, when a player wins an entire pot of a certain size, a kill must remain in the pot.

Low hands range from the worst possible low hand, 87654, to the best possible low, 54321. The simplest way to judge the best low hand possible in any given hand is the read the hands as a number, highest card to the left and lowest card to the right. Whichever number is lower wins: 76543 beats 84321.

The Cards Speak rule applies. If the value of a hand is verbally declared and it is wrong  , it does not matter what the player says. The casino dealer should read what the actual value of a players hand is.

Do not understimate the power of best rakeback when signing up with a online poker room to play Omaha. There are three things you should always look for when joining an online poker room, best possible rakeback, lots of beginning players and the existence of limits that suit you. Most oftenly people choose Opoker Rakeback or Betfair Poker Rakeback. Opoker because of their big network of players and Betfair because they also offer a casino and sportsbook meaning there are a lot of gamblers who always want to try out new games.

Make your pick, pay attention to the small things and soon enough you will be making your living with poker.

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