New Lord of the Rings Slot

October 27, 2010

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring™ online slot game was recently released by Microgamming and to celebrate there are free spin offers at several microgaming casinos. This blockbusting 5 reel slot has 30 paylines and over 200 winning combinations. The game is unlike any previous video slot as it uses Cinematic spin technology letting the cinema into your casino experience. Players can view clips from the movie while you play with action packed scenes like the Ringwraiths Weathertop attack and Balrog in the Mines of Moria.

Head to Lucky Nugget casino who will give you 45 free spins for installing the software and also opening a real account. Platinum Play casino is offering 1500 free bets for registering a real account meaning you can play ground breaking video slots including The Lord of the Rings and Thunderstruck, you’ll be playing for free but winning for real at both these casinos as you can keep you winnings up to a certain level. Cinema Casino, the home of movie based gaming action is also offering a no deposit bonus for new players, $1000 to play on its games for an hour including the amazing Lord of the Rings, you’ll also receive another 50 spins on their other blockbuster slot The Hitman when you make your first deposit. Casino review websites like has details on loads of free play offers for players looking to play for free.

The Lord of the Rings slot game was inspired by the movie and, is about a quest to destroy the most powerful ring created, that could destroy Middle-Earth. With his small Hobbit companions, Frodo Baggins leave for Mount Doom to destroy the ring and along the way they are joined by the ‘fellowship’ of human warriors Aragorn and Boromir, the dwarf Gimly, Legolas the elf and the Wizard Gandalf. The evil creator of all the rings, the Dark Lord sends an army of evil creatures to retrieve the ring from the fellowship and evil threatens to consume Middle Earth.

Enter the fellowship of the ring and lead them when you join them in this new cinematic slot game. You influence their progress as you spin and with some luck you will beat the Dark Lord. There are lots of chances to win as the game as wilds, multipliers and 30 paylines. There is a huge jackpot of nearly 2 million coins and loads of chances to win some cash. Watch out for five Frodos who’ll win you 400 coins and the Wild symbols; the beautiful elf princess, Arwen , the eye of Sauron and The Ring all three will can substitute what you need to create a winning combination.

It would be insanity not to make the most of the opportunity to to play The Lord of the Rings with no deposit necessary.


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