Many Advantages To Be Had With Legalization of Online Gambling

July 11, 2010

When deciding on an important decision such as the legalization of online gambling, it is common to weight the pros and cons. A fair comparison of life with and without online gambling is needed to properly decide how players will be affected. By examining the industry on the whole, you can get a better look over why online gambling should realistically be legal. Anyone who regularly follows the industry will easily be able to see the advantages and disadvantages of legalization. On the consensus, general opinion seems to be that the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, however you will have to make your own decision as to whether or not the advantages are bigger than the negatives .

First off: the advantages. People would always rather get good news over bad and for this reason we’ll start here. The good news is that the advantages are enormous. Starting out you will see that legalized online gambling carries many benefits both to gamblers and the online gambling sites and government agencies that would place taxes on gambling revenues . Tax revenue creates a big enough amount of currency that many of the municipalities and states that collect taxes will give the region with an ample amount of funds to actually cut normal taxes. Even people who chose not to gamble will benefit from legalization of online gambling. Furthermore, those who lose funds will also have the piece of mind knowing that their funds come back into the economy in other ways. Pennsylvania, for instance , is reducing property taxes due to the gambling taxes generated at their newly built casinos . Think about what this tax revenue could provide for the armed services or national health care if the online gambling industry in United States were to be taxed.

The 2nd major advantage to USA online gambling is the fact that traveling would be no longer an issue pertaining to gambling. Going to Reno or even traveling a few miles is not always tenable , which is why online gambling is such an advantage. Furthermore, the “not in my backyard” policy is something that many concerned citizens deem is neccessary when casinos are being proposed . Unfortunately, some people are under the impression that casinos and other gambling dens can bring crime . While this is not entirely true , any cash business , such as gambling, is sometimes a host of crime. With the power to deliver gambling into your living room , the truth is that crime can even be cut down to not exist . The odds of your dwelling being broken into are so tiny that one should not really worry about it going down . As such, gambling on the Internet is much safer than land based gaming under this pretext .

Another one of the main advantages to online gambling is the pure unadulterated amusement. Scientists have displayed that elevated amounts of hormones are released upon a successful wager , therefore proving winning gamblers are happy gamblers… the feeling can be euphoric . The windfall of cash is not the main goal of the joy and happiness, rather it is the feeling of success that washes over most players upon their win .

As we have now listed the pertinent advantages, we will discuss the negatives . The disadvantages are not too rough , but they do still exist. The disadvantages are easy to see , though some individuals still need them explained . One thing should be noted, even though these disadvantages exist, many would cease to exist if proper action was taken in the U.S.

In the United States, online gambing is not yet a governed means of revenue . Unfortunately this could mean you end up playing at an online casino that isn’t completely safe . If you join a dishonest casino, you may find yourself out of money . Though these are not the majority of gambling options available , they do still exist. The U.S. government has been discussing the possibility of a sanctioning body, and it is only when this governing body is commissioned so that you will experience gambling to be 100% secure . Unfortunately, without a regulatory agency you will not have anyone to turn to in the event that you do business with a rogue casino. This disadvantage can easily be overcome , should a regulatory body is established.

Another possible yet highly unlikely downfall is that of abuse by pathological gamblers. Problem gambling is a problem that impacts less than 10% of the populous on the whole. This is also generous in the mind of many people, so this is another issue that can be limited . Many of the online casinos also give gamblers with the resources they need to get help should they seem to find themselves with a gambling problem . Pathological gambling is a major concern , but with the help available through online gambling establishments, it can be avoided .

There is also some debate amongst law makers and followers of the business that online gambling could lead to tax evasion and other financial crimes. The fact of the issue is that this is also an issue that can be controlled through safety programs . A majority of online casinos make it a point to look into suspicious transactions and prevent financial transgressions such as money laundering from happening.

Now that you have seen the main pros and cons to legal online gambling , as well as how USA Online Casinos may be controlled, you will be able to make an educated decision on the issue . As stated, the consensus feels that legal online casinos are highly beneficial to the gambler as well as the government institutions that would control the industry. The funds collected from online casinos should not be ignored , as many gaps in budgets, both state and federal, can be managed through the use of online casino gambling.

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