Make The Small & Big Blinds Yours!

October 13, 2010

Stealing the blinds is 1 way of ensuring surviving in a no-limit Texas Hold’em game.  If you steal decent blinds, you could be in the match a longer time than your initial amount of chips warrants.

What Is Stealing the Blinds?

In Texas Hold’em, there are mandatory starting antes from the small blind and the big blind (the 1st and 2nd player to the left of the button provides the small and big blinds, respectively).  conjointly, they make up the initial pot up for grabs.

Stealing the blinds refers to trying to win the initial pot or trying to win the blinds.  Stealing the blinds serves a two-fold purpose:  it will let you win more poker chips, without being challenged, and help you cut down the amount of your opponents’ chip count.

How to Steal the Blinds

In order to steal the blinds, you will have to make all of your opponents drop out of the betting round/s pre-flop.  The ultimate way to do this would be to raise and re-raise during the first betting round.  If you’re under-the-gun and you wish to steal the blinds, bet more than the big blind.  If you are in a middle position or a late betting position, you should multiply the minimum bet by around 2 times.  In other words, if you are trying to steal the blinds, bet aggressive and keep off mini-raises.

Stealing the Blinds Strategy

If you’reyou are a late-position player, you’re in an good position to steal the blinds.  If many of the players have folded before the betting round gets to you, you can reign the round and steal the chips.

If you’re low-stacked and need to steal the chips, it would be much more beneficial to go all-in rather than wait to be raised.  Take the lead in betting whenever you can.  Additionally, if only a few players are at the table (the game is short-handed), stealing the blinds is a favoured strategy as you’re obliged to post blinds more often than not and you’ll run out of chips much quicker.

You shouldn’t~should not} attempt to steal the blinds every time, however.  Attempting to steal the blinds means you have to make hefty raises.  If another player plays you and you miss the flop, you’ll lose all your bets. Furthermore, not all blinds are worth stealing.  If the blinds won’t importantly increase your stack, possibly you should just let it go.  If, however, the blinds will make a goodly addition to your stack, then by all means go for it.  The rule of thumb:  be selective of the blinds you’ll try to steal.

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