Mahjong Versions – Japanese Solo Mahjong

July 15, 2011

Playing mahjong games on-line can be challenging, entertaining and rewarding. In order to prepare yourself for a potential upcoming mahjong tournament you can consider refining your strategies and skills while gambling a solo version on-line – for free. One of these solitaire versions available is Japanese Solo Mahjong.

The layout of the board, or wall how it’s named in mahjong jargon, is the same to the classical mahjong setup. 24 tiles are faced-down and you have three tries per round to locate the right tile. The remaining tries are shown under the gambling panel. 

Underneath the board is what you have on your hand. Right next to it you may see the last tile you picked as well as the discarded tiles above it. In case you picked a playing piece that was not part of your hand you’ll be automatically notified of this move. Alternatively you may discard a gambling piece yourself. After you have picked three items the round is ending.

If you complete your hands with the tiles you picked up you gained. The final score according to the value of the pieces is calculated and the greatest thing is – you’ll see how much money you’ve gained! All various mahjong variations are offered on-line as money games where you might compete against other online gamblers or, like in this case with Japanese Solo Mahjong, solitaire.

You can be interested to know, that many scratch cards feature mahjong as background theme as well. Naturally, they don’t require any specific expertise and strategies. They’re straightforward to play and provide the keen mahjong player with something he or she might relate to. It’s worth checking them out. Make definite you have a look at money games sites and try the offered games for free. Have fun playing and very good chance at your next mahjong tournament.

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