Live Webcam Poker: Breathing New Life Into The Game

June 24, 2010

Yes, it has finally happened.  The bite that the Internet poker community has been waiting for as we all sit on the edge of our virtual seats, longing for Internet poker to take us to the next level in online gambling, to make the experience so realistic, that we forget our gaming vigor is fed by the vast realms of cyber space.  That moment in time has arrived, and players are instantly captivated by the extraordinary new option of Live Dealer Texas Holdem .  Unlike previously released versions of Live Dealer Poker , this exceptional option allows players to play in a real, live game of Texas Holdem, competing against other live players and being dealt cards by a real live dealer.  It is a remarkable combination of the best of both worlds.  Players are privy to the the ultra convenience found with online access, united with the excitement of live dealer and live player interaction. 

Live webcam Texas Holdem is thus far the only live webcam poker game that is currently available on this platform.  The recent release is the first of its kind, and is rapidly becoming an over night sensation.  We are holding out hope that with the unprecedented surge in popularity experienced with the live webcam Texas Holdem , that more poker games are in the works to be released in live dealer format . 

Live dealer poker is made possible through refined functionality in gaming software developements in video and audio web streaming, Internet connectivity , and distance gaming software solutions.  A live game of Texas Holdem is web streamed in from Casino di Venezia located at Malta, therefore players are part of an actual real live poker game at a real land based casino. Players are able to hear and see each card being dealt and each word the dealer speaks at the game table, and are able to interact with the dealer via the live chat functionality.  Live dealer games have been around for a few years, however this recent release of live webcam Texas Holdem is the first Internet poker game to deliver the authentic live dealer platform. 

For players who have been anticipating the prospect of live webcam poker sites , your hopes have not been in vain.  The addition of the the human touch into our favorite poker game of all time is not only big news, it’s news that is going to revolutionize the online poker landscape forever .  Players who are craving some face time during their online poker adventures are now able to enjoy live dealer games with a personal touch, enhancing their poker experience in a phenomenal way that truly takes the online gaming experience to a higher level of excitement and satisfcation .  There is a rather significant group of poker fans who have desired games involving live dealers in order to restore a level of authenticity that they feel has been missing from the online poker industry as a whole.  To put it bluntly, there are a lot of old school poker buffs who simply don’t trust the integrity of the RNG games to deliver a truly fair gaming experience.  These players hold fast to the idea that only a live dealer poker game can ensure true random dealing of the cards and that a RNG run digital interface cannot deliver this aspect of poker, regardless of how sophisticatedly refined the gaming interface turns out to be. It is with resounding cheer and applause from the online poker community that the introduction of live webcam Texas Holdem demonstrates true ingenuity at work within the online gambling arena.

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