Learn Rock The Boat Slots Game

March 3, 2011

Progressive: No Jackpot: 1600 tokens Reels: 3 Pay-lines: 1 Maximum creditsCoins: Two Coin Sizes: $0.25 to $5 Gamble: No Free Practice mode: Yes Rock The boat Online Slots is a three reel, single pay line & two credit online slot game. It boasts a random, multiplier motif and the highest pay out is sixteen-hundred tokens. The Elvis icon is wild and replaces any other emblem to complete prosperous combinations. 1 Elvis emblem doubles the pay out of any aggregate it completes. 2 Elvis insignias quadruple the pay-out of any mix they develop.The rock the boat slots machine is currently   loved by many players

Cheating online Slot

Eighty percent of internet casino’s money derive from online video slots game, & well over three hundred thousands video slots are released at online casino and land based casinos world wide No wonder that many slots cheaters have keen eye on this slots games, they see them as their wealthy ticket. In reality, millions of dollars has been stolen from video slots games globally, & many other millions has been lost at one state in United States Of America only. Suprisingly, even though it is calculated that over ninety percent of video slots cheaters manage to escape their crimes Land based casino slots cheat- this people cheats slots machine in the same time when the casino are riddled with hundreds of cameras, this cameras are pointed at cages, table games, doors and elevators Are medium size land base cainos might have more than five hundred slots games, & this make it almost impossible to monitor all of them at once. 

Learn this tricks at casino reviews This makes slots cheaters to only play on blinds spots and always they change from one slot machine to another to avoid attention The professional cheaters nowadays they also train other new comers in return of payment after winning. This make new faces everyday on the land based casino and it almost impossible for guards to point out and arrest are person An knowledgeable bunch of slots game cheraters loose in a land based casino are akin  to plague of locusts in the crop field Are bunch of slot cheaters can manage to steal more than thousand dollars per an hour by using different tectics Then some cheating tool used they can even double the amount  in an hour ust over are one year, experienced cheaters doing their job for three or four days are week can manage well over seven hundred thousand dollars  at this online slots dailyMany slot cheating tool are very simple to make and cost less More complicated equipment can be bought on the Internet or through the black market for prices varying from $1,five-hundred to $25,000.

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