Juicy online Bingo side games

July 31, 2010

Online Bingo winnings aren’t simply limited to mainstream Bingo. In fact, all reputable online Bingo internet sites have a great range of side games on the go 24/7 which offer appealing Bingo incentives, loyalty points or real cash in awards.

Bingo lovers are well advised to scrutinise respectable online Bingo sites as most of them will have a option of games covering all the betting bases. One-armed Bandits are in the main the most dominant, and the most fashionable, but wagerers can pick out from scratch cards, video poker, increasing jackpot games, arcade and casino games.

Online Bingo sites are fast becoming the complete online gambling experience, with cash and Bingo incentives up for grabs playing blackjack, stud poker or even dedicated dice games.

An added incentive is that many of this side games are utterly free, complimentary and for zero. Paddy Power Bingo, for example, has a number of free gambling casino games including the exciting Three Card Casino Game, where Bingo bettors have a chance of cracking the massive maximum payout of £250,000!

New Bingo side games are launched on a regular basis in an effort to seduce new players to the Bingo portals and to give the internet sites a fresh and appealing look.

Many of these side games are based on popular boob tube shows like:

  • Deal or No Deal, or
  • Who wants to be a Millionaire?

888ladies has even revealed their dedicated Chat Games where pockets of loyalty points are on offering. These include the Horoscope Game, Sink the CH, which is based on the endless battleships and the 24/7 Trivia Room game, where players who answer the trivia questions correctly stand to win 1000 Bingo Loyalty Points.

Ladbrokes Bingo has side games based on popular mainstream betting codes such as Football 24/7, Shanghai Darts, Penalty Shootout and Virtual Horses and Virtual Dogs. Winnings are generally based on the odds multiplied with the betting stake plus the original stake, emulating the real world of sports betting.

It’s the progressive side games, however, that are easily the most paying. InterBingo has a great selection of progressives offering fabulous value. Take a tilt at the Chain Reactors, where all you have to do is pair five or more consecutive symbols to win one of the progressive jackpots valued at thousands of pounds or simply play the Alice in Wonderland slot where huge cash prizes compile.

Don’t trust solely on Bingo for your bank balance boost; check out the dozens of vibrant and paying back Bingo side games for a inviting gaming deal.

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