If you Like The Lottery, You Will Love Online Keno

February 12, 2011

Online keno is one of the easiest casino games  out there  . If you have ever played the lottery or bingo, you  don’t have far to go . It    takes just a  few minutes to get the hang of it. In a game of keno there would be a total of 80 numbers to chose from. You will be given the chance to select up to 15 numbers  and then to place your bet.

After you have placed your bet, 20 balls are  drawn and matched up to your selected balls . There are a few ways in which the balls are drawn both on the internet  and at a regular casino. The classic version is with an automated blower that would blow the correct number of  balls up into two rabbit-ear looking tubes. Then there are random number generators that electronically select the numbers.

These are    the ones used in online casinos. Lastly there is the hand cage, where the balls get spun and then drawn one by one. The payout tables when you play online keno might differ slightly from one online casino to the next.

You will see that the pay-table will    adjust the possible payouts depending on the number of balls you selected before betting. Payouts are based on the pay-table after you have selected your numbers when  you play casino keno. Once you have placed your bet the balls will be drawn and you would be able to see what your payout is . In most online casinos you will be offered a number of different betting options .

There are also quite a few  options you can look at to play a number of rounds in a row on auto pilot. Online keno is a very popular casino game and it is based  on nothing else but  luck.

If you are a fan of playing bingo or the lottery, then you would definitely love  to play a keno game. The only real difference, you can now play it as fast as you want to  .

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