How to Win with Online Solitaire

December 18, 2011

Let’s have a look how to play Solitaire in order to comprehend how it really works on the web as well. The great news is; even when you’re offline you may play all various kinds of solitaire games the good old fashioned form. Alternatively, you may play even solitaire themed scratchcards.

First you deal seven cards from the left to the right and leave the first card (from the left) face up. The rest of the cards stay face down. You repeat this with six cards, initiating with the face down pile of cards. You do this from the left to the correct, always skipping the face up card until 28 cards have been dealt. Make certain the last card of each pile is face up. The rest of the cards go into a stack, or stockpile.

All Aces that show up should be places on the foundation pile; which in turn are being made up in sequence by their suit. The 1st card is the Ace, then Two etc. The piles are organized by their suits – Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Clubs.

Now you begin building tableaux in descending orders of various colours. Example: On top of a Heart Five you can place a Spade Four or Clubs Four. If you can’t place a card, dump it on the waste pile.
Any exposed face down card has to be turned over when you have removed a face up card from the tableau.

You can move a group of cards on top of an exposed King in order to receive a lot more room and finalizing it with four tableaus initiating with King, Queen, Jack etc. down to the card Two. You gain when you have filled each foundation by suit from Ace to King.

Different solitaire games are available on a lot of quick games websites. Now that you recognized how to play solitaire; you are able to also check out out an interesting variant of this card game. Play solitaire themed scratchcards and gain some nice prizes!

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