How To Become a Black Jack Dealer

December 1, 2010

So you realize that you want to become a blackjack dealer at a casino. This can be a very entertaining career and the following article will help you in making the right decision. Then, make sure you read these blackjack strategies  and find out how to use this blackjack software to hone your game and become an expert.

First and foremost is that most casinos require dealers, or people in positions of responsibility to start working at a lower level position. This can include, but is not limited too, being a entrance host, or even low end positions like dishwashers.

The rationale behind why the casinos will do this is so that they can get to see the new employee. They can begin a relationship and a create a basis of trust with the individual. The casino is in the business to make money, and they want people working for them that they can trust.

If you have a decent work history and a decent personal background then it is possible to be hired right away into a dealer position

The essential thing is that you attend some sort of casino or dealer school. Most casinos have this as a preliminary requirement. Some of the larger casinos will place all of their potential employees into schools/courses that they maintain. This ensures all of their staff is on the same page.

Once you have finished the required courses, many casino managers/owners want specific personalities running their games.

I am friends with a few casino mangers and they suggest that appearance, and the ability to communicate well with a diverse group of people is what they want.

If faced with an attractive 20-something woman that is very educated and personable, versus a 55 year old guy that is recently out of work, the choice is rather easy if they possess exactly the same skill set.

After you are hired by the casino, your work hours will vary. Obviously being new you can’t expect the best hours or the best tables in the casino.  You also need to be ready to have a wide range of flexibilty, often dealers will need to work 10-12 hour shifts, sometimes must stay late, or other times being sent home early. You may be required to work a number of days in a row. Only only night shifts, it will depend on what is required.

Table dealers are given a low hourly rate. Usually minimum wage compared to other positions within the casino. Most of the money made in this profession depends on tips.

In order to be a successful dealer and get good money it is important that you are friendly and relate well with the table players. It is also imperative that you have excellent math skills. Your job is spent dealing and shuffling the cards, and handling out cash and providing chips. Having excellent math skills will ensure that you are able to provide accurate change, as well payout and receive chips after each hand.

Concluding, if you want to be a casino dealer in Blackjack you can make a fairly good living. It’s not uncommon for a dealer that is readily available and works full-time hours to get $50,000-$60,000 per year.  Keep in mind, though, that the majority of income is from tips. You must possess all of the skills mentioned in this article if you want to become a successful dealer.

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