Getting Started With Poker

July 4, 2011

A lot of bold people have started companies and found other ways to make money. Here is a different way – Online Poker. Lets look at it as a business. In business, you always have to make important decisions, invest andin time earn profit through successful decisions. You could wait a long time for a profit, sometimes even months. In online poker you see the result within minutes. You „invest“ into a pot to see profit in the end. I will not discuss what to do and which decisions to make as every situation is different and has multiple solutions. Lets discuss how to manage your bankroll.

First step is to set aside an amount that you can afford to lose. I will use $400.

Second step is to figure out how big limits to play. Online poker rooms have many limits, starting from 0.02/0.04 blinds and going up to 1000/2000 dollar blinds! One important subject about when you start is Rakeback. Make sure you register through an affiliate that offers you the best Rakeback. I would suggest starting from littler online poker tournaments, $5 buy-in or so. It is the perfect way to start building your poker bankroll because the buy-in is small. I suggest that you do not spend over 10% of your bankroll on one online poker tournament. You will unquestionably have some failed online poker tournaments and this way you have not spent a noticeable sum of your bankroll.

Third step is not to over rate your skills and not rush to the next level. for the most part in online poker, tournament buy-ins have an impact on the level of players. The more expensive, the bigger the amount of good players. Apparently there are exceptions but mostly that’s the way it is. I have seen players who have won cheap and big field poker tournaments and then they play a tournament which is ten times pricier! Mostly they come back with some bad surprises and are amazed because of not winning. Start from the easier low limits, i think it’s perfect to start out with noxwin rakeback and once you are playing well on that limit then move higher step-by-step.

What’s the main thing then? Choose the right bankroll, do not rush to the bigger games right away, stay on your limit and make a plan. This needs patience but as time goes by you see that it will pay off.

See you at the poker tables!

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