Florida Lotto Results

June 9, 2010

The sunshine  state is renowned for a lot of important things, the Keys, Orlando’s Disney, the Space Coast beach locations that never end, and the Florida Lotto tickets   . Everybody  loves to gamble and even though it is practically  not gaming per say it is making a possibility  and the pay offs are pretty nice and even if you don’t win, the proceed s from what you pay out, go to a tremendous  cause. So in the end, every one is a champion.

This lotto offers you the chance to choose your level of participation with the decision of how much you spend on the ticket and that will reflect in the payout and you get the option to try your hand out two moments each and every week of the year.

Lotto’s are so popular now that most anyone understands how to go in and pick your numbers and get the ticket printed out. Here in Florida you pick six numbers form 1 to 53 or you can use what is known as the quick pick and let the technology make a decision about what numbers you will get when it is printed. One unequalled feature in Florida’s lotto is that you can pick your lotto number for what they call Advance Play, which allows you to pick your number weeks in advance. Thin might be practical if you have plans to be gone but want to make assured that you play on a specific drawing night for whatever reason.

As with most lotto’s these days you can watch the results of the drawing on television, on the web site or you can come back and check them on the web at your leisure. The drawings themselves are truly held each and every Wednesday and Saturday night at 11:15 Eastern time. You can buy a ticket for that night’s drawing up until 10:40 PM, after that point in time the ticket will be applicable for the next lotto drawing. It is also wise to remember that the winning tickets are only valid for redemption for 180 days after the date of the drawing.

Incidentally, the odds of any one person winning the jackpot is a measly 1 in 22,957,480 which is much better than it is in a lot of lotto drawings so there is more of a chance that you can come out on top here.

Florida Lotto tickets  can  be obtained at authorized retailers within the state and are also available for purchase over the Internet,  although you can send in winning tickets from another state and have your prize mailed to you as long as you are above the age of 18 which is the legitimate age to participate in the lotto in Florida.

In these stressed financial times it is important to realize that the IRS will have the state of Florida hold back 25% of the winnings for taxes. Having said that should you die before you collect the entire amount, the leftover balance will be paid to your estate so your heirs should be happy.

Even if you live outside Florida, you can play it online, and check the lotto results in florida-lotto.org

Good Luck!

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