Exactly What Are The Conventional Colors Of Poker Chips?

September 20, 2010

You can find some colored discs when you’re playing gambling or money game online or in a casino. People play poker for different reasons, some for fun and some for money. For those who are not very familiar with poker, these poker chips may seem just like plastic toy chips that kids play with, but when they are placed on the poker table, their worth are millions. The colors of poker chips have a big meaning for a person who plays poker for money. Because, these colored poker chips are used as currency and each color has a different value.

It is not necessary to buy expensive poker chips if you only wish to buy them for home use. You’ll get inexpensive poker chip made of plastic material. But, if you want to buy for casino or for some commercial purpose, it is better to buy a set of clay or composite poker chips.

If you are playing poker in home or in a casino, you should know the value of colors of poker chips. When you’d like to buy poker chips, you will get various kinds of poker chips sets. Normally standard poker chip sets come with three or five standard colors. Some casino make use of up to 13 different colors of sets instead of the usual 5 standard colors.  Some people ask what colors their custom poker chips should be.  As long as you are happy with your poker chips it doesn’t matter.  Just have a fun poker game!

You’ll have white, red and blue poker chips for the three color chip sets. In the five color chip sets, white, red, blue, green and black are included. Besides these colors, you can also find yellow, grey, orange, pink, purple, burgundy, light blue, brown chips.

You’ll find some standard value of colors used for poker chips in the below

White $1; Yellow $2; Red $5; Blue $10; Grey $20; Green $25; Orange $50; Black $100; Pink $250; Purple $500; Burgundy $1000; Light Blue $2000; Brown $5000.

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