Craps: The Free Odds Bet

October 19, 2010

 When you play craps you are playing a fun  casino game and probably the most thrilling out of all    . When you play craps you    need to approach the game with a plan and know when to bet and on what to bet .


Probably the most  useful options    for a craps player is the free odds bet. This is a bet where the house actually doesn’t have  edge over you. It is  often  disguised in online casinos as just the odds bet.


With some of the other bets out there the house edge becomes just to big  and your odds of winning go down quite a lot  . The Free odds bets are made after your initial   bet on the pass line has been placed and the point has been made .


This bet is the only bet you would be able to place in any casino game where the odds of winning the bet is equal to the payoff. So the larger your bet  , the better your chances of making a larger profit.


You need to make sure that you place your bets carefully in a casino craps game. There are some simple things you can do to ensure you don’t miss out on anything  . A straight-forward example is  if you are getting 3 to 2 odds, always place bets in multiples of 2. The reason for this is that you will get paid in full round numbers. So if you bet $20 you will win $30, but if you bet $19 you will win $28.50, but only get paid $28. It looks small and insignificant , but you are slowly killing youself.


You should also consider  two other interesting bets namely double odds and three unit bets. With online casino craps you will often get offered an  option to place a double odds bet after the pass line.


The three unit bet option allows you to place an odds bet bigger  than your pass line bet if you were betting in three unit increments.


There are     other betting traps you need to steer clear of when you play online craps, with the house edge being so big that you would just be  throwing chips in the water. 

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