Casino Slots Would Keep MA., Money in The State.

June 15, 2010

Massachusetts has been trying to capture inGambling for a few year now.Casino’s are popular in Rhode Island and Connecticut, and are bringing players in from Massachusetts.  After a long battle, an end has come, to Greyhound Racing, which has proven itself as cruel to the dogs.  Many of dogs were forced to stay in trivial dog crates, with little interaction from humans.  Many of these dogs had short Racing lives, and put into retirement and were placed in homes. Some where not as encouraging, I will not discuss what happened to the other dogs.  This was the only form of Gambling Massachusetts has had,besides ticket lotteries. Their has been much discussion of bringing  Casino Slot-Machines and Gaming into the former Dog Tracks,This is a great idea, for all the jobs which were lost, new jobs can be created, also allowing Massachusetts money to stay in this State.  Many residents are against Casino’s, feeling their will be more traffic, Yes their will be, new roads can be built to accomodate this traffic.  Also many people beleive corruption will also come.  We have many people who have lost their jobs, many have lost their homes to foreclosure, Auto Repossession, lost benefits, lost insurance, cannot afford food.  Crime now is up, bank robery’s are on the rise, domestic violence is more common. The benefits I feel out-way the negatives.  Bringing in Casino’s will help build a week economy,when the dog tracks are updated to accomodate the crowds, with a New Building and look, surrounding areas will develope, with New Hotels, Motels, Resturants, Rental Car Agencey’s, Ect..  Neigboring towns will also benefit in a better economy, because of the increase in jobs, and phylogenesis, and also means an increase in Police, Fire Departments, Buses, Cabs, which is all for the better.

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