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October 4, 2010

The shame  is that 90% of people who play poker online lose cash in the long run. This is due to numerous factors, principally the rake. But as a online player, there is nothing you can do about the rake, it’s always going to be there. You need to focus on the stuff that you can change. New poker players often make mistakes  in how they ration their bankroll. I certainly did when I began  playing. I also got a few poker books about cash games and other poker stuff online which helped.

I remember a while  back when I first started  playing poker online, I only had a $200 bankroll to start with. If I lost it, I decided that I would not give poker a shot again for a year . I had worked my bankroll up to around $390 after a 7 days of playing low stakes Sit n Go  tournaments, and I decided i was ready to play some 2-4 limit Hold-em. I figured the sum of money  I had was sufficient  to begin playing  at these stakes. After falling $100 in an hour, I thought different.

For limit Hold-em, a sufficient poker bankroll is at smallest 300 Big Bets. (A Big Bet is the amount of money staked on fourth and fifth street when the betting limits double. So for 2-4 Hold-em, you should have a MINIMUM bankroll of $1200.) After having some of the good and bad experiences that i’ve had, I would advocate actually have 500 Big Bets at your disposal so you’ll not be worrying too much on an off day.

I was lucky enough to quit playing the 2-4 limit and turn back to my low stakes Sit n Go’s Tournaments before any grievous damage was done, but many  people are not as lucky. I was having a chat with my friend the other day who attends Cambridge University. He was talking about how he could not win consistently playing 1-2 limit on William Hill. When I asked him what his bankroll was, he told me it was $200. I told him the same thing I will tell anyone who is low bankroll and high stakes; you need to find a way to build your bankroll before you play there. Obviously this is easier said than done, so let’s look at how a poker bankroll should be built.

If your starting Bankroll is:

$200 or less

You should really be playing stakes around $.5-1.00 limit or playing $5 Sit and Go Tournaments (SNG’s). take care that some $5 SNG’s have an absurd $1 entry fee, which equates to a 20% rake. This is why I prefer a beginning poker player to have enough cash to play $10 Sit n Go’s, which in my opinion  needs a bankroll of around $400. You shouldn’t ever open an online account with an amount less than $150. With an amount less than that, you don’t have a sufficient amount to bump some bad beats and have enough poker chips to head off going bust.


Now you have a healthy starting bankroll. try playing some $.5-1.00 games to feel out the competition. If you don’t have any problems there, as soon as you have $1000 in your bankroll, go onwards and move up to $1-2 limit, the competition won’t really be that much better. $10 SNG’s are also a really good option for getting some experience without risking the bankroll and making some gradual, consistent cash.

$1000 or more:

GOOD JOB! You have a trusty starting bankroll. You should experiment with $.5-1.00 or $10 SNG’s for the 1st 7 days or so just to feel for the competition out. If you feel confident, go ahead and go up to the $1-2 Limit or the $20 SNG’s.

***If you’re a no-limit player who would preferably play cash games than SNG’s, here are my recommended guidelines. Youalways should buy into a poker game with around 100 times the big blind. Your bankrollshould always consist of at least 20 buy-ins of 100 big blinds. So if you are wanting to play $.10-.25 No-Limit your bankroll should be around $500.***

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