Blackpool in Lancashire – Soon to Be the UK’s Las Vegas

June 13, 2010

England’s Las Vegas claimant , Blackpool, is up against its biggest challenge , re-attracting its historic visitors and obtaining the okay to build larger gambling attractions that will stop these now abroad vacationers from gracing the brightly lit streets of Las Vegas instead of dear old Blackpool’s.

Blackpool has its own personalized appearance with its Blackpool Tower and casino gambling , some of which run out of the rooms underneath the tower.  Currently , the only town casinos include the Grosvenor Casino and the Stanley Casino, both of which only offer American Roulette, Blackjack, Three Card Poker and Electronic Roulette.  However , as Trevor Hemmings, owner of the tower, the circus, Pontins’ holiday camps and varied entertainment parks across the UK , wants to set up a mecca to gambling in the town, Blackpool may yet completely realize its Las Vegas of the UK status.

The plan to make Blackpool into a major gambling hotspot within the UK has met with great debate .  Many towns folk and other more conventionally minded characters around Britain are alarmed about altering what has to the present day been one of the UK’s top family resort destinations into an expensive resort run by chief hotel groups that might likely put small hotels in Blackpool and regional bed and breakfasts under. As a matter of fact, the preparations are to build a Pharoah’s Palace right on the seashore with 5 top casino venues.  However, current casino laws prohibit this, and both Hemmings and others within the town are waiting for the would-be changes that no doubt shall eventually arrive.

Under present gambling legislations, Blackpool betting shops are not permitted to serve hot foods or run more than 2 slot gambling machines.  As a matter of fact, although Blackpool lays claim to the UK Las Vegas title, it is very much beneath par . The town lacks the Las Vegas style gambling centres possessing multiple slots (10+) with huge jackpots , large gambling and bingo halls , betting halls, play tables where the drinking of alcohol is allowed , live threatrical and musical entertainment and public admission.   Although most Blackpool bookies are in existence to provide services to local and low level vacationing gamblers, it is by no means enough .

Once Blackpool receives the go ahead from the British Government, the level of activity is predicted to over-run the town with major construction projects.  The country’s chief casino firms, such as Gala, Stanley Leisure and London Clubs International will no doubt follow in Hemmings’ footsteps.~ Huge gambling giants such as London Clubs International, Stanley Leisure and Gala are waiting along with Hemmings for Whitehall to relax the gambling laws .  It is hoped that once the laws alter, the town will experience an economic boom with massive building projects and long-term related service employment. }

Blackpool Hotels Fairy, a hotel price comparison site, has served UK tourists for many years, finding the best deals close to the town’s gambling establishments.  However , though tourism will swell dramatically to Blackpool when the hoped for changes take place and most of the 3 of 4 British gambling enthusiasts spends their vacations at home versus flying to Las Vegas to gamble , the opportunities for accommodations will only increase .

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