Blackpool – The UK’s Answer to Las Vegas

June 14, 2010

The UK’s Las Vegas hopeful, Blackpool, is up against its most formidable challenge , re-attracting its old patrons and getting the okay to create bigger gambling venues that will stop these present abroad tourists from gracing the brightly lit roadways of Las Vegas instead of good olde Blackpool’s.

If Pontin’s holiday emperor and owner, Trevor Hemmings, gets his way, the passions for the future that were formerly Blackpool’s should seal in stone Blackpool as the definite United Kingom Las Vegas.  Although Blackpool’s legendary tower and its couple of casinos still attract the biggish crowds , with a hint of high-rated casino high stakes games, even if merely a handful, the future of the gambling mecca of the United Kingdom is just years away.

The preparations to make Blackpool into a world class gambling centre inside of the United Kingdom has met with massive debate .  Many towns folk and other more conventionally minded people across Britain are concerned about changing what has to the present day been one of the UK’s top tourist resort centres into an overpriced resort run by chief hotel chains that might likely put other lodgings in Blackpool and regional bed and breakfasts under. As a matter of fact, the preparations are to build a Pharoah’s Palace right close to the seashore with 5 top casino venues.  However, present casino gambling laws prohibit this, and both Hemmings and others inside of Blackpool are biding their time for the proposed changes that undoubtedly shall eventually come .

Outside of the gambling centres that Blackpool presently has, there still exist the conventional betting venues that cope with the numerous local gamblers and visiting gambling enthusiasts.  Despite this, currently , the town does not have enough slot games with huge jackpots , bingo halls , betting halls and chief gambling establishments that include Las Vegas style shows are not available, all positioned in a singular location.  Current restrictions mean that gambling establishments cannot proffer live musical entertainment, have more than 10 gambling slot machines, let in the general public or allow drinking at gambling tables.  Even bookie shops that currently work within Blackpool can only offer two slots each and are not allowed to serve heated meals.

After the town receives the approval from Westminster , the flurry of activity is anticipated to over-run the town with extensive construction projects.  The country’s chief casino companies , such as Gala, Stanley Leisure and London Clubs International will most likely follow in Hemmings’ footsteps.~ Huge gambling empires such as London Clubs International, Stanley Leisure and Gala are waiting along with Hemmings for Westminster to revamp the gambling legislations.  It is hoped that as soon as the laws alter, Blackpool will experience a financial boom with huge construction projects and long-term related service employment. }

 As a result of Blackpool’s restricted Las Vegas style atmosphere, tourists find that getting a hotel price comparison for lodgings close to the current casinos is not difficult , most especially through Blackpool Hotels Fairy.  Best of all, even when the anticipated total of 6 casino hotel gambling complexes increase tourism greatly , the 3 out of 4 UK gamblers that holiday in Las Vegas will be heading to Blackpool, demanding excellent deductions without the Las Vegas prices.

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