Are casino bonuses a good play for online gamblers?

June 26, 2010

Any player who is a frequent visitor of online Betting is Surely familiar with the online casino bonuses being offered for new players. But what exactly is such a bonus and should  a player automatically take advantage of this or not? Well the answer depends on the type of player you are and what your goals are.

To consider casino bonuses, lets talk about what they entail . Just like all businesses, casinos online want your business and have some pretty interesting selling tactics to attract new players. Probably the most common is to offer a welcome bonus for players who sign up with them. These online casino bonus codes are commonly in the form of a match offer of a specific percentage of the players cash deposit. That percentage may range from 25% up to 500%, depending on the casino your looking at. So an example of this might be a player signs up at a casino offering a 200% up to $1000 casino bonus offer. If that same player deposits say $300, the casino in turn gives an instant $600 directly to the players account.

But why would a casino want to do this, what’s in it for them? Well this industry is very competitive and if a casino can give something away to attract a new player who will come check them out and hopefully really like the play and becomes a regular visitor, then that casino has done its job. It is a win-win for both the player and the gambling site.

As with all things in life, nothing is free. With each bonus offer comes a play through requirement that must be met before cashing out that bonus. This applies to USA casinos online as well. This is standard and makes sense as the casinos don’t want to simply hand over free cash and have the player walk away with it. Instead, there will be specific play through requirements that must be met before this can happen. That means a player needs to wager X number of times or money in order to fulfill this requirement.

So who should take advantage of casino bonuses? New players often benefit from bonuses like this that allow them to come in and test out the games, learn new techniques and make sure the casino is for them before plunking down bigger deposits. But certain players like to stay away from these offers and just play with their own money. Only you know the type of player you are.

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